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Our range includes:


  • based on rye milling products
  • dosage 10 - 20 % flour base
  • easy handling
  • combined processing with BÖCKER Reinzucht-Sauerteig possible

BÖCKER Duo Aromatique

  • for the special flavour of traditional wheat baked goods
  • fermented from the best of wheat germ and rye
  • direct application between 3 - 15 % flour base
  • unopened storable without cooling

good to know

The Böcker liquid sourdough products can be used directly without time-consuming leavening processes. Through the addition of natural preservatives salt and vinegar, a long shelf life is obtained. Tailor-made packaging options are available. Our liquid sourdoughs are made exclusively from natural ingredients, and during the fermentation process, active lactic acid bacteria and yeast form a wide range of flavors. These natural flavors contribute to the balanced taste of the baked goods.

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