Interesting facts about sourdough

Böcker – Sourdough Fermentation

Although fermentation was known well before our time, it is now more modern than ever and is the basis of many foods such as cheese, beer, raw sausage or bread. At Böcker, fermentation means sourdough.
Vegetable raw materials are fermented here with the help of microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria and natural yeasts. What sounds simple is highly complex. Especially when, like at Böcker, you continually set new quality standards. A comprehensive microbiological knowledge of fermentation and baking processes, as well as extensive experience in the implementation of optimal processing parameters and proofing times is a prerequisite. It also takes a lot of acumen to ensure that the precursors that are necessary for optimal baking results can develop as flavor components typical to sourdough. Of course it is also crucial to choose the right lactic acid bacteria which will ensure the perfect quality of the sourdough. The special Böcker natural culture process has always made targeted use of the positive properties of individual strains, i.e. B. Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis to produce unique sourdough products that meet the high demands of customers and consumers for tasty baked goods.

Böcker – Sourdough as a process

Strictly speaking, sourdough is not a product but a process in which, in contrast to the activating characteristic of yeast dough, the focus is on acid formation. Therefore, a product fermented by lactic acid bacteria and yeasts in which the lactic acid bacteria predominate. In addition to the taste and nutritional benefits that connoisseurs around the world appreciate, sourdough also has decisive advantages in the production of baked goods. Doughs made with sourdough have better rising, greater elasticity and are more machine-compatible. When baked, they result in juicier crumbs, longer crust fillets, better crust browning and improved freshness. But all sourdoughs are not the same. The difference lies in what is in them. At Böcker, since the very beginning, these are only very special natural microorganisms that can suppress unwanted foreign flora. To this day, they are the basis of the well-known Böcker natural culture sourdoughs, which through a very gentle manufacturing process still retain their unique aroma and guarantee the quality of all of the company’s recipes and products.