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BÖCKER Starter

Our range includes:

BÖCKER Reinzucht-Sauerteig

  • THE CLASSIC for your sourdough
  • for excellent taste
  • working at all prevailing temperature

BÖCKER Mailänder Le Chef

  • based on the well-proven „BÖCKER-Mailänder“-technology
  • wheat fermentation – microbiologically safe
  • crumbly consistency – easy to work with
  • for typical Mediterranean baked goods of „Lievito Naturale”-type without baker’s yeast

Good to know:

Our starters are ideal for rye, wheat or spelt sourdoughs, as well as for gluten free baked goods. Our starters are for use in bakeries of all sizes as baking ferment or for reduced use of baker’s yeast. Our Böcker starter is suitable for different manufacturing processes and guarantees the sourdough-typical bread taste. We are experts in quality and have been successfully implementing our sourdough standards since 1910.
Our continuous laboratory tests guarantee that our products are exceptionally safe. We use only natural ingredients for our starter products: cereals and pseudo-cereals from conventional or controlled organic cultivation together with our own cultivated starter cultures – for perfect results in your bread and baked goods production.
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