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Our range includes:


  • for roasty aroma
  • dosage already from 0.5 % flour base
  • based on rye milling products
  • patented method
  • ideally suited for bakery premixes


  • rounded, mild, wheat-typical aroma
  • made with wheat malt flour
  • natural, dried sourdough
  • dosage only 1 - 5 % flour base for direct processing of baguette, white bread and fine baked goods

good to know

Our BÖCKER dry sourdough products are particularly aromatic and are ideal for the direct production of bread and baked goods. Where does the particularly aromatic taste come from? In addition to selected, natural raw materials, lactic acid and yeast are used. These favor and intensify the formation of bread-typical aroma substances. The brief heating and drying of our sourdough on our special drum rollers create particularly flavorful roasted aromas. Therefore, our BÖCKER dry sourdough products ensure a pronounced aroma in the bread crumb, even at low dosages. Thanks to the direct administration, time-consuming leavening processes are not needed. Our products have a long shelf life. We use only natural raw materials and BÖCKER starter cultures.

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