BÖCKER Gluten-free sourdoughs

Better quality in your baked goods

  • Only gluten free raw materials used in the fermentation
  • Reliable and convenient to use
  • Pure taste
  • Easy processing


Rice | Quinoa | Amaranth | Millet | Buckwheat | Linseed
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BÖCKER pure-grown sourdough rice gluten free

Starter culture based on rice. For a reliable and convenient start to make your own sourdough. Provides a mildly sour taste. Fresh product, it can be stored, unopened, for 6 weeks at +4°C to +6°C. Ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.


BÖCKER Rice 100

Dried, gluten-free sourdough made from rice. For direct addition to the dough. Free flowing powder. Provides mild acidification and aroma improvement. Unopened, 12 months if stored refrigerated. Ingredients from conventional cultivation. Dosage: 2%-5% on flour.

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BÖCKER Organic Quinoa

Dried, gluten-free quinoa sourdough. Light beige, free flowing powder. For direct addition to the dough in the production of gluten free baked goods. Aroma and taste improvement, extended freshness. Unopened, 12 months if stored refrigerated. Ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. Dosage: 5%-10% on flour.


  • Best, refined ingredients for your bakery
  • Hygienically flawless because it is microbially stabilized
  • All the advantages of sourdough, such as improved freshness, in your baked goods
  • Time saving
  • Traditional, meaningful aroma
  • Suitable for a health-conscious diet


Direct addition: Dosage from 5% up to 40% on flour, depending on product. Shelf life of up to 6 months in closed containers without refrigerating.


We use only natural ingredients. Böcker starter cultures ensure natural fermentation. Without heating, only preserved by salt and vinegar.

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