Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co. KG is a 4th generation manufacturer of natural sourdough products – produced in Minden, distributed worldwide.
As an owner-managed family business with a tradition of more than 100 years, high quality and service for all our business partners is our purpose. At the same time, we offer our employees a family-friendly workplace.
To achieve both goals, we see it as our duty to develop the company sustainably in our daily activities as well as with a long-term perspective for the next generations.




For us, sustainability means acting responsibly in the economic, ecological, and social spheres. The most important goal is to use all resources sustainably and thus to ensure the preservation of the natural regenerative capacity of our environment.
With our sustainable sourdough products, we contribute to a longer shelf life for baked goods and thus to greater sustainability.
With our social commitment, we also shape solutions and make our contribution to change processes in the business and supply chains. At the same time, we are preserving our tradition.


Against this background, we have developed a strategic sustainability commitment that supports and involves all managers and employees. The aim is to integrate the many individual sustainability activities of our business sectors, align them in a consistent manner and thus give them even greater impact. Our environmental protection officer is responsible for monitoring activities and is guided by the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management system.
Our crisis management system includes emergency plans for possible environmental damage.




Together with our suppliers, we manufacture products that meet or exceed legal requirements. We are constantly working on the efficient use of electricity, gas, water and use our raw materials responsibly. Starting with the procurement of raw materials, we choose long-standing business partners from our region, and we prioritize the sourcing of our raw materials and packaging from local suppliers. To ensure that our packaging remains food-safe and becomes even more sustainable in the future, we are always on the lookout for recycled and recyclable materials and strive to implement these as quickly as possible.


Waste management, the handling of chemicals and other hazardous substances, and their disposal are also highly relevant.
Whenever feasible, we avoid the use of potentially environmentally hazardous and chemical substances. If the use of such substances is unavoidable, they are disposed of responsibly. Since 2015, we have been using an alternative system to improve energy efficiency, based on DIN EN 16247-1. Through this system, we can transparently record and control our energy consumption in order to reduce it. We are continuously working to expand this transparency by setting ourselves company-wide sustainability targets and communicating these to our employees, customers, and other external stakeholders.
For all implemented and planned activities in the area of sustainability, please contact us.

Dr. Georg Böcker