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Our range includes:

BÖCKER Wheat Sprouts

  • whole wheat sprouts, naturally preserved with sourdough
  • with refined sprouts
  • consistent quality
  • particularly valuable for health-conscious nutrition
  • excellent rounded mildly sour taste

BÖCKER Kartoffelpaste

  • 2 in 1: potato sourdough plus potato pieces
  • direct dosage, without sourdough fermentation
  • significant aroma improvement for potato baked goods
  • baked goods with visible potato pieces and pleasant mouthfeel
  • increased fresh-keeping for baked goods through sourdough

good to know

Fresh grain sprouts, seeds, whole grains, herbs or pieces of potato can be incorporated into our Böcker paste sourdough products. Bakeries therefore have these ingredients available for use in their baked goods. Through the addition of natural preservatives vinegar and salt, a long shelf-life is achieved. The direct usage of the sourdough pastes in the dough eliminates the need for complex intermediate steps. The flavors of the sourdough and the added ingredients are present in the baked goods, and the nutritional value and variety of flavors can be optimized. Why not try it?

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