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BÖCKER Organic

Our range includes:

BÖCKER Organic ActiVivo Range

To ensure that high-quality sourdough baked goods can be produced traditionally, but at the same time fit into modern production processes, there is now available the BÖCKER Organic ActiVivo range: natural sourdoughs, liquid-active, and ready-to-use. BÖCKER knowhow from a long tradition of natural sourdough fermentation for the best sourdough baked goods, which can be declared as sourdough products.

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The application possibilities are manifold. In wheat-based baked goods especially, the invisible heroes – active lactic acid bacteria and active sourdough yeasts – show what they can do. Baking fresh sourdough bread every day is easy with BÖCKER Organic ActiVivo! With our creative recipes for your declarable sourdough bakery products - contact us!

Organic ActiVivo Rye

  • Improved freshness
  • Ideal bread texture
  • Ready-to-use and time-saving
  • Liquid and pumpable
  • Enables sourdough declaration according to legal requirements

BÖCKER Organic ActiVivo Spelt

  • 100% organic Spelt
  • Active spelt sourdough/li>
  • Mild, fruity aroma
  • For direct dough addition
  • Suitable for all spelled baked goods

Organic ActiVivo Wheat

  • Constant product quality for high process reliability
  • Best bread aroma
  • Enables sourdough declaration according to legal requirements
  • Liquid and pumpable
  • For baked goods with positive nutritional-physiological properties

BÖCKER Le Chef Organic

  • based on the well-proven „BÖCKER-Myländer“-technology
  • wheat fermentation – microbiologically safe
  • crumbly consistency – easy to work with
  • for typical Mediterranean baked goods of „Lievito Naturale”-type without baker’s yeast

BÖCKER Bio Poolish

  • aroma and taste improvement for rolls
  • quick, safe and convenient usage; no need of fermentation process
  • higher water absorbtion
  • dosage only 2 - 5 % flour base for direct processing
  • consistent quality with convincing economic efficiency

BÖCKER Bio Spelt Preferment

  • for aromatic 100 %-spelt baked goods with fresh crumb
  • gently dried
  • economical dosage of only 3 - 4 % flour base
  • application also for acidproofed soaker dough

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In the Böcker organic sourdough products we only use raw materials that come from controlled and organic cultivation. Our sourdoughs mature naturally without any intervention or manipulation. Microbiological control done in our laboratory monitors all our processes to ensure the purity and activity of the lactic acid bacteria. Further advantages are improved baking properties and longer freshness. The typical-cereal aromas also ensure better quality in your baked goods. Try our organic sourdoughs!

Our range includes:

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