BÖCKER‘s dried natural sourdough products

  • plus in flavour in all baked goods 
  • fast and safe in each application
  • highly effective even in low dosage
  • for direct adding to the dough
  • concentrated aroma

General Information:

BÖCKER´s dried natural sourdough products were developed for an economical and direct production of aromatic breads and bakery products. Specially patented sourdoughs under permanent microbiological control are the basis for the production process. Next to chosen natural raw materials, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts are used to increase aroma precursors and their effects. The existing aroma is supplemented by further so-called precursors. During the drying process these precursors are transformed into taste-intensive roasty flavours. Even with low dosages BÖCKER´s dried natural sourdough products enhance the taste of baked goods and help to develop a pronounced aroma in the crumb.


BÖCKER´s dried natural sourdough products can be produced from all kinds of grain. Even raw materials like rice or wheat germs are suitable for fabrication and offer aromatic baking results. Dried sourdough products are available in 10 kg or 25 kg bags. A selection of organic quality sourdoughs is available. Next to the existent delivery programme, products can be developed according to customer requests and specified bakery  requirements with defined parameters like colour, aroma, acidity etc.

Range of Application:

Production of rye-, wheat-, spelt mixed breads, for fine baked goods or salty snacks, in LT-application, pizza doughs, cereals, bread-mixes, gluten-free baked goods.


• direct dosage
• no time-consuming fermentation process necessary
• extremely economical in application
• long shelf-life (between 9– 12 months in the unopened package)
• significant bakery aroma


Direct dosage; dosage depending on each product. From 0.5 % to 10 % flour base.


Exclusively natural ingredients as well as BÖCKER Starter Cultures are used.

Raw materials:

Rye | Wheat | Spelt | Oats | Rice | Wheat germs | Grape seeds Quinoa | Barley | Durum | Buckwheat | Maize

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