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Sourdough - natural aroma on grain basis 

Our company's core skills are the development, production and sale of natural baking ingredients for improving the flavour and texture of bakery products.Baking companies, baking industry suppliers and the food industry are our target customers. We develop and supply our products either directly or via partners to all the continents of the world. BÖCKER's whole corporate culture is geared towards optimum customer benefit. 

BÖCKER can look back over a long history and genuine pioneering work; we develop processes which are today considered standard. We are continuing with this pioneering work. A high proportion of our turnover is invested in research and development, and in this area we work closely with our customers.

BÖCKER: ferments, produces and dispatches worldwide.

We only use grain and pseudo cereals for the production of our sourdoughs. The targeted use of microorganisms (fermentation) results in high-quality sourdough-products, which fulfill highest quality standards.

Using different kinds of grain, we produce sourdough-products with natural fermentation:

  • Starter products for in-house fermentation
  • Dried sourdoughs in form of powders
  • Liquid, ready-to-use sourdoughs for direct application
  • Sourdough pastes, into which we embed other ingredients, e. g. sprouts or spices
  • Active sourdoughs
  • Gluten-free sourdoughs

We began our sourdough-production and worldwide distribution in 1908.


Fermentation – a natural process

BÖCKER: encompassing microbiological know-how. Food fermentation is conducted with the targeted use of microorganisms. Well-known fermented foods include cheese, yogurt (both from milk), beer and wine, but also salami. Sourdough is a cereal fermentation. The production of sourdough is one of the oldest kinds of fermentation.

Natural yeasts: different yeast strains are involved in fermentation. During the fermentation process, these sourdough-own yeasts undergo development and provide the necessary leavening activity for the sourdough.

Lactic acid bacteria: the predominant bacteria in the sourdough are lactic acid bacteria. Böcker has a wide strain collection of microorganisms. Lactic acid bacteria are specifically used for fermentation in the sourdough-production.

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