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BÖCKER – Sourdough is our business!

BÖCKER is a leading manufacturer of natural sourdough products for improving the aroma and texture of baked goods. Pioneering the industry from the very beginning, company-founder Ernst Böcker set the standards for safe sourdough processing in 1910 with the development of fermentation processes. These standards are still valid in the industry today.

His first naturally cultured sourdough starters became the cornerstone for many patents and for a globally active and continually innovative company that is now run by the fourth generation of the Böcker family.

Today our range includes more than 160 different sourdough products, baking mixes and gluten-free baked goods.

Our 180 specialists at several locations not only manage the development, production and sales of the company’s products, they are also researching the product innovations of tomorrow, developing recipes and processes for the bakery industry. As a center for international sourdough expertise, we are available to provide advice and assistance to the entire industry.

“Most Family-Friendly company” in the Minden-Lübbecke area 2019

Böcker received the award for “Most Family-Friendly company” in the Minden-Lübbecke area in 2019 for its family-conscious personnel policies. The prize is awarded by an alliance of the “OWL Competence Center for Women and the Profession”, the “Ostwestfalen Bielefeld Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, the “Ostwestfalen-Lippe Bielefeld Chamber of Professions” and the “District of Minden-Lübbecke”.

Innovative through Research

Every two years, the Stifterverband awards the "Innovative through Research" seal to research companies. We are delighted to receive this award and continue to see research and innovation as an important part of our corporate policy.

Sedex certificate

BÖCKER is committed to more sustainability in the supply chain.

Insights into the BÖCKER world

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We are a fourth-generation, owner-managed company. Our passion is the development, production and sale of natural sourdough products.

As early as 1910 we pioneered fermentation processes that continue to be standard in baking factories around the world.

State-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship – that is how sourdough for high-quality baked goods is produced.

We offer more than 160 different sourdough products, ready-baked gluten-free baked goods and special baking mixes, as well as tailor-made product solutions for your needs.

High quality standards for development and innovation together with tradition.

Our sourdough gives bread, rolls and fine baked goods their distinct properties worldwide.

Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co. KG – your sourdough specialist. Because every bread should have some sourdough.


The company founder’s dedication to innovation has continued to this day and is the driving force behind our activity. Proof of this lies in the many patents the owner-managed company has filed throughout its successful history.

  • Before Ernst Böcker founded the company of the same name, he was already working on the principles of natural pure cultures. As craftsman at a yeast factory, he was able to acquire experience which he then transferred to the process of sourdough cultures.

  • Concession of a patent for the “Apparatus for souring dough” invented by Ernst Böcker, with which sourdough can be produced.

  • Sales of the first Böcker pure cultured sourdoughs to bakers started very simply, at home at the kitchen table, yet with a view to the future.

  • Ernst Böcker made improvements to his product, which he named Böcker Reinzucht-Sauerteig (Böcker Pure Cultured Sourdough) to guarantee a reliable and aromatic commercial sourdough.

  • The Ernst Böcker company, a sourdough manufacturer, is founded.  Under the name “Böcker Reinzucht-Sauerteig” (Böcker Pure Culture Sourdough), Ernst Böcker sells his product to commercial bakeries as a subscription, with a fresh shipment delivered once a week.

  • His son, Hermann Böcker, takes over sales. Through his successful endeavors, sales increased significantly, and soon more than 10,000 bakeries became customers.

  • The business is completely destroyed by bombing. Most of the customers in the eastern regions are lost. Gradually, the company is rebuilt and the customer base once again consolidated.

  • The company moves to a new building in Minden, where it still is today.

  • After the sudden death of Hermann Böcker, his son Ernst-Joachim Böcker, a chemical scientist, takes over the company as sole owner.

  • The production and distribution of printed bread packaging made of PE and PP is begun. With a design catalog encompassing a wide offer for artisan bakeries, the production of this product plays a leading role at Böcker with high growth rates, until 1975.

    This production ends in 1983.

  • Using raw materials, microorganisms, fermentation parameters and drying processes, Ernst-Joachim Böcker develops a range of new products which under the name “Sourdough products” have even become a generic term.

  • Georg Böcker becomes a partner in the firm. The company is renamed Ernst Böcker KG.

  • Founding of the Ernst Böcker Sauerteig Institute with the aim of strengthening scientific research and development in the sourdough area. Cooperation with universities, colleges and other institutes is intensified.

  • The first sourdough starter produced exclusively from controlled-organic cultivation and under strict microbiological control is developed.

  • A second production facility is put into operation to meet the strong demand for sourdough products.

  • Dried sourdoughs with live lactic acid bacteria, for the production of sourdough bread are launched. This is achieved through a gentle, patented drying process ensuring the survival of the lactic acid bacteria.

  • After completing his education as a food engineer and finishing his dissertation on lactic acid bacteria from sourdough, Dr. Georg Böcker joins the company.
    In 1995 he takes over the management.

  • With the addition of Dr. Peter Stolz, food scientist with a doctorate on the biochemistry of sourdough bacteria, the research, development and quality of Böcker products gain in importance. This is emphasized by numerous patent concessions.

  • The sales of the sourdough products are supervised and expanded worldwide with the incorporation of the new sales manager, Klaus Weisse, a food engineer.

  • The liquid sourdough starter Böcker Mailänder is developed, according to historically traditional processes. This facilitates the reliable dough processing and produces traditional wheat dough for baking.

  • Expansion of the product range to include liquid sourdoughs preserved without pasteurization and without cooling, only through natural ingredients.

  • The subsidiary Böcker France SARL is founded in Paris.


    Böcker has been the market leader in dried sourdoughs in France since the 1970’s.
    The eldest son of Ernst Joachim Böcker, engineer Jochen Böcker, joins Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co. KG in Minden as the managing director responsible for purchasing, technology and production.


    Production is expanded and optimized. Dr. Markus Brandt joins the company as head of Research & Development.
    Research activities and the introduction of optimized quality management systems are broadened.

  • Chemical Scientist Ernst-Joachim Böcker dies in February. The Minden company is now managed by the family’s fourth generation: Dr. Georg Böcker, Jochen Böcker and Marion Böcker-Warnecke.


    The patent for the production of highly aromatic, highly acidic natural sourdough concentrates is granted (Böcker sourdough rye extract) (1999/2005).


    The patent for the production of a stable starter for wheat fermentation (Böcker Mailäander) is granted (2001/2005).

  • The number of employees is now more than 70. Further expansion of the business, to include southeast Europe.

  • The process for the production of swollen grains using sourdough without heating is patented (for example Böcker sprouted wheat paste) (2002/2007).

  • Böcker products are distributed in Japan, Poland and Russia. Selected Böcker sourdoughs are certified for the Russian market.

  • Further expansions and enhancements are carried out in the two production locations for future-oriented and sustainable manufacturing according to the latest technical standards.


    IFS Food Standard certification.

  • Anniversary “100 years of Böcker pure culture sourdough”.


    The company now has over 90 employees, the product range includes more than 140 different sourdough products that are sold worldwide.

  • Founding and accreditation of an additional new production facility for the manufacturing and delivery of gluten-free sourdoughs as well as gluten-free and vegan breads and baked goods.

  • Patent granted: Gluten free oat bread without baker’s yeast.

  • Patent application: Pumpable sourdough pastes (fluidic)

  • The company is awarded the “Family-friendly company in the district of Minden-Lübbecke 2019”.


    Böcker receives the award for “Family-friendly company in the district of Minden-Lübbecke 2019” for its family-conscious personnel policies. The award is coordinated by an alliance between the Competence Center for Women and Professions OWL, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of East Westphalia in Bielefeld, the Chamber of Skilled Trades Ostwestfalen-Lippe at Bielefeld and the district of Minden-Lübbecke.


    Patent application: Baking mixes for the production of gluten-free and protein-rich baked goods.

  • Böcker celebrates its 110th company anniversary.


    The number of employees is now 180 at 4 production sites. 160 sourdough products, baking mixes and gluten free products are now part of the range. The gluten free line is relaunched with a new logo and new packaging. Expansion of the gluten free range with 2 new gluten free organic breads.

  • October 19th – The 1. Sourdough Day!.

    From now on we celebrate the day of the sourdough. In reference to our founding year 1910 when our company founder Ernst Böcker was the first to launch a commercial sourdough starter.


Ringstr. Location

The wide range of BÖCKER sourdoughs is produced and packaged at the Ringstrasse site.

Magdeburger Str. Location

The 4,000 m2 location in Päpinghausen is our logistics center. From here, the Böcker range is shipped all over the world. Also part of the Böcker sourdough- assortment is produced in this location.

Nordholzer Str. Location

Our Gluten Free bakery products are produced in the specially-prepared Südfelde plant, in compliance with all the correspondent requirements.

Werftstr. Location

The wide range of Böcker sourdoughs is produced and packaged at the Werftstrasse plant.

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