BÖCKER‘s sourdough starter products

For artisan or industrial sourdough fermentation

  • high activity of lactic acid bacteria
  • suitable for all kinds of sourdough method
  • great flavour
  • for safe sourdough quality
  • standard for in-house
  • fermentation since 1910


Raw materialsRye | Wheat | Spelt | Rice

General Information:

Many BÖCKER starter products contain the valuable lactic acid bacteria culture Lactobacillus sanfranciscensisThis kind of bacteria can rightly be termed a “Sourdough Specialist” and cares for a well-balanced, sourdough typical bread flavour. The activity and the high prevailing quality of these lactic acid bacteria in the traditional sourdough preparation are unique. The permanent check in the own laboratory makes the BÖCKER starter products extremely safe.


Various application possibilities exist for the processing in all kinds of sourdough plant in silo sour or vessel sour procedures. Packaging sizes range from 1 to 15 kg. BÖCKER’s sourdough starter products are available
as a sourdough cube, in powder or in liquid form. Sourdough starter products work for all rye-, wheat- or spelt sourdough fermentation, even in gluten-free baked goods. Furthermore as a starter for baked goods with leaven (ferment) and/or for the use of less baker’s yeast.
Range of Application:
For the safe start and further processing of in-house sourdoughs and sponge dough applications. Quality improvement in breads and other baked goods with the use of sourdough products.


• extended shelf-life of baked goods
• prevention of ropiness
• improved aroma in baked goods
• reliability in the production process
• sales promotion of sourdough as an ingredient in baked goods


A weekly restart of the sourdough with sourdough starter products is recommended. The tank should be between 1.5 up to twice as large as the fermentation volume. The starting is possible in any kind of sourdough plant. Note the processing parameters and processing times.


BÖCKER starter products contain only natural ingredients from conventional or controlled organic cultivation as well as bacteria cultures.


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