BÖCKER‘s pasty sourdough products

refined raw materials in sourdough:

  • fresh sprouts
  • grains
  • herbs
  • potato pieces

advantages of sourdough:

  • flavour, aroma, freshness
  • naturally stabilised only by addition of salt and vinegar


General Information:

Fresh sprouts, grains, herbs or potato pieces are worked into a pasty sourdough. Through this procedure, the ingredients are hygienically safe and permanently available. The pasty sourdough is responsible for the preswelling of the worked-in materials. With the direct use of the pasty sourdoughs, time-consuming and extensive processing steps can be dropped, e. g. the sprouting of grains. BÖCKER’s pasty sourdoughs are naturally stabilised exclusively by salt and vinegar. The tasteful advantages of sourdough and the added raw materials, like sprouts, show their importance in baked goods in equal measure. The nutritional value and the tasteful variety of baked goods are enhanced.


Pasty sourdough products with fresh sprouts, grains, herbs or potato pieces.

Range of Use:

Production of wheat-, spelt-, rye- and rye mixed breads of all kinds, potato pastries, even salty snacks.


  • refined raw materials available in bakeries, fast and easy to handle
  • hygienically safe because of microbiological stabilisation
  • all quality advantages of pastries with sourdough, e. g. improved fresh-keeping
  • time-saving: pre-swelling included
  • convenient for a health-conscious nutrition


Direct dosage: from 5 % up to 40 % flour base, according to desired product.


Six months in the unopened package, uncooled.


Natural ingredients are exclusively used. BÖCKER starter cultures are responsible for natural fermentation. No heating process, stabilised only by salt and vinegar.

Raw materials: Wheat | Spelt | Rye | Herbs | Grain-mixes | Potato


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