BÖCKER‘s natural sourdough products in organic quality

For baked goods in 100 % organic quality

• exclusively made of organic raw materials
• stable and safe in processing
• natural and grain-typical aroma
• gained out of natural sour
• improved baking characteristics


General Information:

BÖCKER sourdough and ferments in organic quality are made exclusively of raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. The sourdoughs ripen naturally and without any interference or manipulation. The microbiological control in the BÖCKER-laboratory views only the natural processes in order to secure the pureness and sufficient activity of the lactic acid bacteria.


  • sourdough starter cultures
  • ferment
  • dried sourdoughs
  • liquid sourdoughs
  • pasty sourdoughs

Sourdough starter cultures in organic quality:

Fermented as a spontaneous sourdough, the starters ripen safely in the BÖCKER-own laboratory only by passive microbiological control. BÖCKER introduced the first organic starter to the market already in 1990.

Dried sourdoughs in organic quality:

BÖCKER’s dried natural sourdough products in organic quality are made of natural fermented organic sourdoughs. After completion of fermentation, the short-term heating is processed carefully and natural acidity arises. Furthermore, many roasty aroma compounds develop in concentrated form.

Liquid/pasty sourdoughs in organic quality:

For the production of liquid and pasty sourdoughs in organic quality BÖCKER exclusively uses raw materials according to EU-regulations. Liquid and pasty sourdough products support the original grain-taste in bakery goods. During the manufacturing process the grain-typical flavouring compounds remain in the product, because they are encased in the liquidness.


For the safe production of flavourful breads and other baked goods in organic quality.


  • gained from natural sour
  • secured quality of baked goods
  • improved baking characteristics
  • long fresh-keeping

Raw materials: Rye | Wheat | Spelt | Rice | Quinoa | Buckwheat

Certified (according to product) for the following requirements:

EU- / Nicht-EU-Landwirtschaft

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