BÖCKER‘s liquid sourdough products

For best grain flavour

  • durable without heating
  • swelling performance already contained
  • ready to pour, pumpable
  • easy to process
  • packages from 10 kg to 1,000 kg possible


General Information:

BÖCKER liquid sourdoughs are produced with natural ingredients only. During the fermentation process active lactic acid bacteria provide many taste variations. These volatile flavours give well-balanced taste to the bakery products. Durability without heating is achieved by adding the conserving food ingredients salt and vinegar. BÖCKER’s liquid sourdough products are durable for half a year without cooling.


BÖCKER’s liquid sourdough products are available in wheat, rye, spelt and barley as well as in organic quality.

Range of Application:

All bakery products, especially wheat bakery products like baguette and pastries, LT-application. For better dough properties; supplement for the sourdough process.


  • directly applied
  • saves time
  • easy dosage
  • long lasting freshness of bakery products
  • manifold flavours through different raw materials
  • individual packaging solutions possible


BÖCKER’s liquid sourdough products are directly added. The dosage is between 5 – 20 % flour base.


Only natural ingredients and BÖCKER starter cultures are processed. 

Raw materials: Wheat | Rye | Spelt | Barley | Organic


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