BÖCKER gluten free mixes

Natural sourdough for best fermentation flavour

The gluten-free baking mixes from BÖCKER are manufactured with
different gluten-free sourdoughs. The gluten-free raw materials allow the baker to work with high dough yields. From all mixes, individual baking ideas can be created.


Advice for the production of gluten-free baked goods:

Please note that the gluten-free condition of the ready-baked product can only be guaranteed if a contamination with gluten-containing flour dust (from rye, wheat, barley, spelt, green spelt, Einkorn, Emmer Wheat, Khorasan Wheat and triticale) is avoided to 100 %. Suitable gluten-free flours for the production of these bakes goods are rice or corn flour.


Packaging: 20 kg paper bag individual packaging options on request

Shelf life: 9 months in the unopened package

Storage: cool and dry

BÖCKER Baguette and Roll Mix

Gluten free baking mix

Simple and reliable production of rolls and baguettes. The bread rolls have a mild and characteristic taste. Suitable for rolls, baguettes or fine pastry.

BÖCKER Potatoe Bread Mix

Gluten free baking mix

For mild and light coloured gluten-free baked goods, with or without additional seeds. The gluten-free potato bread has a mild aroma. It complements both sweet and hearty toppings.

BÖCKER Gold Linseed Bread Mix

Gluten free baking mix

For tasty, gluten-free baked breads and rolls with mixed bread character. Suitable for hearth bread. The every day baked quality for the whole family!

BÖCKER Dark Bread Mix

Gluten free baking mix

Basic mix for roustic gluten-free baked goods For gluten-free breads and roustic bread rolls with sourdough taste. It creates rustic breads with the character of german rye-sourdough bread. Suitable for hearth bread.

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